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Thank you for visiting the NEW 16th Ward’s website!

I am honored to serve you as the Alderman of the 16th Ward. On this site, you will find links to the most requested city services, upcoming events, employment opportunities, and other useful resources.


As your Alderman, I will work hard to improve the 16th Ward and make our ward a great place to live, work and play. Together, we can make our ward one of the best in the city.


If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, please email me at info@16thward.org, call me at (773) 306-1981 or stop by my office located at 5411 S. Ashland, Chicago, Illinois 60609. I look forward to serving you.

Your Alderman & Neighbor,


Alderman, 16th Ward

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As a Chicago native, Alderman Coleman realizes the magnitude of the mission of a public servant is to be of service to everyone--everywhere by uplifting and most importantly connecting residents across the city and to my neighborhood. We live in a constantly evolving climate where building bridges is integral to our future and the dedication of public servants is more important than ever. 

Alderman Coleman believes in challenging the stakeholders of the Greater Englewood, Chicago Lawn, Gage Park, and New City communities to become ambassadors for a better Chicago and our blocks.



We will join together to weave a uniting narrative of justice, equity, peace. It is no better time to create meaningful and promising solutions to those in the 16th Ward.

Please connect with the 16th Ward Service Office if you’d like to host a local roundtable with your community organization or place of worship.



Alderman Coleman will continue to address the necessary processes to make all actions geared towards young people effective and relevant by asking these questions:


Are the current education policies for the City of Chicago reflective of the needs of our young people?

 How involved are the youth with the development of the education plans and policy decision-making process?

Are there access points for engagement of youth at each step of creating a new education policy?

Are we monitoring the concerns of our youth with our current education system?


As a community, we must understand that participatory preparation can aid policymakers to shape better education systems that are receptive to the needs of our youth.



To develop, maintain, and revitalize neighborhood blocks, creating a positive image must go beyond addressing community violence. We must use creative strategies to reinforce and promote local strengths and tactics to address public safety concerns. It will be my standing goal to engage residents and help them reclaim their space within our community.

The 16th Ward Service offices partners with the City of Chicago, County, and State agencies to restore life to neighborhoods that often times experience the effects of a community that lacks resources.


This begins with identifying recurring problems of concern to the public and the police. We must also identify the conditions that precede and accompany the issues we are experiencing, and brainstorm new interventions and their effectiveness.

Together, we must create initiatives that lead to tangible change. Let’s shift the current narrative and create a thriving 16th Ward!


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