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The updated CHI311 mobile app is your one-stop shop for city services, offering mobile access for services such as street sweeping, garbage pickup, pothole complaints, and graffiti removal.

Featuring more accurate completion times, automated translation, and a more user-friendly interface to make it easier to engage with the city, the app is available for download.

Use the CHI 311 website and mobile app, to create new service requests; check the status of existing requests and the time it will take to resolve; snap a photo and submit it with a request to improve accuracy; map requests to help pinpoint a location; create an account to track service requests and get local, relevant information; provide feedback upon completion; search and see helpful knowledge articles and search other requests in your neighborhood.

The free CHI 311 mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices and may be downloaded in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Call 311 for assistance with non-emergency City Services and for information on events, programs and agencies within the City of Chicago. The CHI 311 system brings unprecedented levels of openness, innovation and accountability to the delivery of City services. The ward service office staff can also help you place City service requests and update you on their status. If you prefer to call the 16th Ward Service Office, you may call us during business hours―We're here to assist you!

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