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 Housing:  Green Bungalow Information


The Chicago-style bungalow was developed in 1919 in response to a pressing demand for owner-occupied housing during a period of dynamic growth in Chicago’s population and economic base. To help preserve this element of Chicago's social and architectural history, the City created the Historic Chicago Bungalow Initiative.

The initiative is administered in conjunction with the not-for-profit Historic Chicago Bungalow Association.

Benefits include:

  • Income Restricted Grants offering up to $5,000 for rehab work

  • Energy$avers matching grants of up to $4,000 for energy efficiency improvements

  • Free design guidelines to aid owners in maintaining the architectural character of their bungalows

  • Pattern Drawings that can assist owners, architects and contractors with typical projects

  • Monthly “How-To” seminars and hands-on workshops on topics related to Bungalow rehab and restoration

  • Bungalow Partners Resource Guide listing crafts people, vendors and specialists in Bungalow restoration, rehab and energy efficiency improvements

  • The quarterly newsletter “Inside the Belt” and an HCBA certificate and plaque

  • Member Incentive Program - special discounts on home improvement products and services

DPD mails information on possible financing and technical assistance to current and would-be owners of historic Chicago bungalows. The information includes details about purchase, restoration, modernization or enlargement of bungalows and other resources.  Click the button below to begin online.

For additional benefits, combine your bungalow mortgage loan using either the City Mortgage or TaxSmart programs. 

For more information or to get an application, contact::

Historic Chicago Bungalow Association 
53 W. Jackson Blvd. #1122
Chicago, Illinois 60604


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